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Welcome To Rojavanam

During our long service in community development, we found the pathetic conditions of the aged people. We identified many aged people casted away from homes who have no other sources to survive rather than begging. This touched our heart. We studied the back ground of this situation. We found out, the main reasons for this are, the sons and daughters consider aged parents as burdens, and hence they treat them as household articles and abandon them altogether. The other reasons are lack of respect to parents, lack of proper bondage in families, excessive job tensions of sons and daughters, lack of time to give proper care and support, change in interests of new generations, modernization in thinking, and lack of proper guidance in society and family during childhood. We started Rojavanam Homes mainly to address these issues of the aged in 2010.


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About Rojavanam

The management of Rojavanam centres is vested with the Rojavanam trust and its board of Trustees. They provide suggestions and guidance for the smooth functioning of these centres.This centre is providing home like care to the aged people,and hence we say,it is a home away from home.The desires of the aged people are met with and this home helps them to lead a life with confidence.

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