Specialties of the Center:

  • Spacious building
  • Facilities like water, electricity round the clock for 24 hours.
  • Quality, comfortable beds
  • Provides tasty and nutritious food.
  • Periodic health checkups and health care facilities
  • Compassionate, qualified and experienced staff personnel.
  • Space for recreation facilities, regular and simple exercises
  • Full of lush green gardens that makes the minds of the inmates afresh
  • Dailies and periodicals in various languages are served
  • Scope for meditation/yoga/prayers
  • Celebration of important functions and festivals without any religious bias.
  • Space for interaction with relatives, friends and guests.
  • Offers a favorable working environment for those who want to work

Beneficial aspects of the Centre :

  • Care and Protection for the aged
  • Caring the bedridden aged
  • Compassionate staff
  • Immediate treatment for ailments
  • Service providers knowing all languages
  • Experienced doctors for 24 hours
  • Trained Nurses
  • Expert Counsellors
  • Yoga teachers
  • Tasty food
  • Separate rooms | A/c Rooms
  • Security men

Our Best facilities :

Facilitating the retired people to live a peaceful life without being a burden to others.Providing a safe and healthy environment for senior citizens whose sons and daughters wish to provide their parents with proper care and support.


Spacious building . Provide Quality, comfortable beds. Separate rooms | A/c Rooms .

Dinning Hall

Provides tasty and nutritious food.Experienced doctors for 24 hours .

Bath Room

Facilities like water, electricity round the clock for 24 hours.