• New spacious building
  • Facilities like water, electricity round the clock for 24 hours
  • Quality, comfortable beds
  • Provides tasty and nutritious food
  • Periodic health checkups and health care facilities
  • It has compassionate, qualified and experienced staff personnel
  • The center provides space for recreation facilities, regular and simple exercises
  • Counselling and guidance are offered by veteran counsellors.
  • Has full of lush green gardens that makes the minds of the inmates afresh
  • Dailies and periodicals in various languages are served
  • There is scope for meditation/yoga/prayers
  • It provides space for interaction with relatives, friends and guests.
  • Important functions and festivals celebrated without any religious bias
  • It offers a favorable working environment for those who want to work

Religious harmony and National integration


Rojavanam Senior Citizens Care and Protection Centre observe all important religious festivals and National events without bias. Special functions will be organized in all our centres during these days. Sports and talent exhibiting events will be organized for the senior citizens. During these days special lunch will be provided to the inmates. The
following are some of such events observed every year -

  • New Year Day
  • Republic Day
  • Tamil New Year Day
  • Pongal
  • Independence Day
  • Deepavali
  • Christmas