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Dear well wishers! Warm Greetings,

We have been in service since 2009 and continuing the same with the support of well wishers and various stakeholders.The goal of Rojavanam is to help senior citizens and the poor people live easily and comfortably in the home as they age,and keeping people healthy as long as possible and giving them the opportunity to do the things they want and that societyneeds.Social Participation access to leisure and cultural activities,opportunities for social and civic engagement with peers and younger people,accessibility and availability of safe recreational facilities,respect and social inclusion programs that support ethnic and cultural diversity,as well as multi generational interactions are encouraged by the centre.Besides,community support and health services access to homecare,health clinics,wellness and active aging programs are our specialty.In addition to this,Rojavanam has several other priorities in its strategic plan for the future.These include addressing space needs,retaining great staff,program growth,improving communications and outreach,updating technology to support the work,ensuring best practices and sound financial support.For these,we need your involvement and support.

Together we can do great things !
R. Arul Kannan, Director

About Rojavanam

The management of Rojavanam centres is vested with the Rojavanam trust and its board of Trustees. They provide suggestions and guidance for the smooth functioning of these centres.This centre is providing home like care to the aged people,and hence we say,it is a home away from home.The desires of the aged people are met with and this home helps them to lead a life with confidence.

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