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Besides meeting the shelter needs of the senior citizens we provide asylum to the homeless poor particularly people who do hard work during day or night times , people caste out of their homes from relatives , aged sick people , abandoned women , children,people who were punished for petty crimes etc , who seek accommodation at street side platforms,bus or railway stations,in front of closed shops,under bridges,church or temple premise and wherever they get space to sleep or take rest.total of more than 350 inmates.

Rojavanam homes for homeless

About Rojavanam

The management of Rojavanam centres is vested with the Rojavanam trust and its board of Trustees. They provide suggestions and guidance for the smooth functioning of these centres.This centre is providing home like care to the aged people,and hence we say,it is a home away from home.The desires of the aged people are met with and this home helps them to lead a life with confidence.

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