Senior Citizens

Eye Camp for Senior Citizens

Rojavanam organized 8 Eye Camps for Senior Citizens to provide the senior citizens a clear vision. Aged people often affected by cataract problem that affects their vision. These camps were organized in collaboration with Vasan Eye Care, Nagercoil and Srinivasa Ortho Hospital, Nagercoil. Senior citizens who are not the residents of Rojavanam homes were also provided treatment. In the 8 camps organized, a total of 606 senior citizens were benefitted.

Naturopathy Medical Care for Senior Citizens

Naturopathy is a system of treating diseases, largely employing natural agencies, such as air, water, sunshine, etc., and rejecting the use of drugs and medicines. After a certain period some medicines become allergy and causes inconveniences or create side effects in human body. Senior citizens will be highly affected by this. Naturopathy treatment is cheap and also has no side effect. Further, it make permanent cure to certain diseases. Rojavanam make this facility for its inmates. One naturopathy physician visits the home once in a week and treats the inmates.

Free Legal Aid Clinic

Free Legal Aid Clinic was sponsored by District Legal Service Authority, Kanyakumari District and functioning at Rojavanam Home for the Aged, Nagercoil. The legal clinic was started with the aim of providing free legal aid to the poor and the aged. People can get free legal help such as legal information, legal formalities and ideas to tackle delays in cases. The Free Legal Aid Clinic will function in Rojavanam Home on Wednesdays. An advocate nominated by District Legal Service Authority, conduct the legal aid services. This year 226 legal disputes were brought before the legal aid services.

Mega Medical Camps for the Homeless

ROJAVANAM organized 10 Mega medical Camps for the Homeless during this reporting year.These medical camps were organized mainly to provide health care to the urban poor particularly people who do hard work during day or night times, people caste out of their homes from relatives,aged sick people,abandoned women,children,people who were punished for petty crimes etc,who seek accommodation at street side platforms, bus or railway stations,in front of closed shops,under bridges,church or temple premise and wherever they get space to sleep or take rest.These camps were organized in collaboration with the following hospitals.

Medical Camps for the Homeless

Physiotherapy Care for Senior Citizens

When a person gets injured or has a prolonged illness, doctors often recommend physiotherapy. Physical therapy is “A-quality” therapy for many conditions affecting older people, from Alzheimer’s to urinary incontinence. Every person of any age has an individual background, say an accident, football injury, genetic predispositions. By 65, almost everyone has it in their spine, though not everyone has symptoms. Besides taking medicines, sufferers can avail themselves of many types of physical therapy. To facilitate the senior citizens one physiotherapy doctor visits the old age home and interacts with the inmates. He helps the inmates to practice small exercises. This helps the senior citizens to be active and brisk.

Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual discipline and branch of philosophy that originated in India reportedly more than 5,000 years ago. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to yoke, join, or unite. Yoga is the joining or integrating of all aspects of the individual – body with mind and mind with soul – to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life. Yoga is very useful for old people to get spiritual as well as physical health. Rojavanam has its own Yoga master and every day in the morning 6.30 am to 08.00 am and evening 05 to 06.30 yoga sessions are conducted.

About Rojavanam

The management of Rojavanam centres is vested with the Rojavanam trust and its board of Trustees. They provide suggestions and guidance for the smooth functioning of these centres.This centre is providing home like care to the aged people,and hence we say,it is a home away from home.The desires of the aged people are met with and this home helps them to lead a life with confidence.

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