Specialties of the Center:

Beneficial aspects of the Centre :

Our Best Facilities

Facilitating the retired people to live a peaceful life without being a burden to others.Providing a safe and healthy environment for senior citizens whose sons and daughters wish to provide their parents with proper care and support.


Spacious building . Provide Quality, comfortable beds. Separate rooms | A/c Rooms .

Dinning Hall

Provides tasty and nutritious food.Experienced doctors for 24 hours .

Bath Room

Facilities like water, electricity round the clock for 24 hours.


Specialties of the Centers

About Rojavanam

The management of Rojavanam centres is vested with the Rojavanam trust and its board of Trustees. They provide suggestions and guidance for the smooth functioning of these centres.This centre is providing home like care to the aged people,and hence we say,it is a home away from home.The desires of the aged people are met with and this home helps them to lead a life with confidence.

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